Tampa Bay Music Academy extends a hearty welcome to Kristen Allen, our newest music professor! Kristen teaches voice and piano, and her students quickly pick up on her love for music as she helps them develop their talents. She earned her master’s degree in music education from the College of Charleston in 2013 and has experience teaching private lessons as well as vocal ensembles.

Kristen told TBMA that she loves being a part of inspiring the next generation of musicians. As a music professor, she enjoys seeing the excitement and sense of accomplishment on a student’s face when he or she finally grasps a concept.

We asked Kristen a few questions about her musical experiences and teaching philosophy in order to help our students and their families get to know her better:

TBMA: What is your favorite musical memory?

Kristen: I loved performing at piano recitals when I was younger. One year, I performed Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel, and it was exiting to see first hand that all of the hard work and practicing really pays off. I also enjoyed performing in choir concerts—I love the team effort of practicing and putting on a great performance.

TBMA: What is your favorite musical work that you have personally performed
Kristen: When I was in high school I performed an Italian piece, Sebben crudele, for amusic festival and received a great score from the judges. I was very proud and realized then that I wanted to study music education in college.

TBMA: What is your favorite teaching method
Kristen: I find that using various teaching apporaches benefits students because we all learn in different ways.  I try to incorporate movement into lessons because I find that is the best way to learn rhythm.  If I can, I try to use listening exercises, movement, and examples to help students learn a piece.  This way, they can understand a piece in more ways than just listening to it.

TBMA: When do you recommend starting private music lessons? Kristen: I feel that starting music lessons at 5 or 6 years of age is appropriate. I also give out small written assignments, and I find this especially beneficial for younger students, I feel that it is just one more way for them to understand what they are learning in their lessons.

TBMA: What brought you to TBMA?
Kristen: My fiancé and I moved down to Florida from South Carolina just this past October when he accepted a job at News Channel 8.  I was teaching lessons up in SC, and it took me a little while, but I stumbled upon TBMA’s website, and here I am!

TBMA: What interests and hobbies are you passionate about when you’re not playing music?
Kristen: I love the water, and doing anything outdoors, especially hiking and playing tennis.  I also love to travel, cook, and read. If there was one thing I could do right now (and be able to afford it!), I would buy a boat!

We know our students will enjoy working with Kristen and will pick up her love of music as she helps them develop their skills. Welcome to TBMA, Kristen!



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