Tampa Bay Music Academy is pleased to welcome Amy Hoag as our newest piano and flute teacher! With more than ten years of experience teaching private lessons, Amy has developed a positive, interactive approach that seeks to develop a love for music in her students while also helping them excel in their musical endeavors.

Amy began teaching private music lessons in 2003 and has experience teaching both piano and flute. Her students have ranged from beginners to moderately advanced in ability. Amy’s goal is to help her students master each concept in order to reach their full potential.

Amy believes in working with each student as an individual, identifying his or her strengths and learning style in order to make the lesson both fun and valuable. We asked Amy to share some of her musical experiences with us so that our students and their families can get to know her better:
What is your favorite musical memory?
During college, I traveled with an educational group to China where we performed a concert at a university. We had several duets and many four-part piano pieces as well. Our final piece was an arrangement of the theme from Mission Impossible, which the Chinese students thoroughly enjoyed. I love collaborative work, and this was by far the most challenging and enjoyable concert I’ve done.

What is your favorite piece to perform?
I enjoy playing sacred music, and at one time I had a book that intertwined sacred music with a classical piece. My favorite arrangement was Debussy’s Clair de Lune intertwined with the children’s hymn “Jesus Loves Me.” It was so peaceful and beautiful to listen to, and it was also my mother’s favorite piece. I believe that is why that song was so special to me.

How did you know you wanted to teach?
When I was three years old, I began lining up my dolls and teaching them anything I had learned. Both of my parents taught in the classroom, and I knew it was natural for me to teach. I have a passion for music and love to pass that on to others.

When do you recommend starting private music lessons?
I don’t believe there is a magic age for everyone. I believe that if a child has the ability to sit through a lesson, can read basic words, and has an interest in music, he or she can begin lessons. For many students, this begins around Kindergarten or 1st grade. My youngest student was an advanced three-year-old, and he is still successful and enjoying his lessons as a six-year-old. Children are different, and I treat them as individuals.

What brought you to TBMA?
I saw advertisements for TBMA through social media, and I began to do research about the academy. I saw the quality of education that occurs and knew that it was the place for me.

We’re excited to partner with Amy as we work toward giving our students the best music education possible.
Welcome to TBMA, Amy!

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