At TBMA, we believe music should inspire joy in both performers and listeners. Each one of our teachers shares our passion for helping students develop a lifelong love of music, as well as a commitment to excellence.

That’s why we’re so pleased to welcome our newest violin teacher, KaleyAnna Raabe, to our team! KaleyAnna values a balanced teaching style that includes healthy technique and musical skill, and she prioritizes teaching students to play with freedom and enjoyment.

KaleyAnna holds a Bachelor of Music Performance in violin from the University of South Florida and is working toward a Master of Chamber Music. She also has experience singing with the USF Chamber Singers and the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, and she is a member of the women’s barbershop quartet, Duly Noted.

While a student at USF, KaleyAnna began teaching violin and has continued investing in students ever since, both in a private studio and as a guest teacher for public school sectionals.

To help our students and their families get to know KaleyAnna better, we asked her a few questions about her musical experiences.

TBMA: What is your favorite musical memory?

KaleyAnna: One summer when I travelled to the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival, I was so excited to find out that the Emerson String Quartet would be performing. During the concert, they played the Barber string quartet. It was the first time I had heard this piece performed live and it is such a memorable experience for me. The second movement is stunningly beautiful and heart-wrenching. It is full of long, gorgeous, ascending melodic lines all leading to a passionate crescendo. The movement reaches its climactic moment with all quartet members wailing in the higher registers of their instruments. This burst of intensity is followed by a moment of silence. That moment has stayed with me and I remember just being in awe of the musical journey the string quartet had led me through.

TBMA: What is your favorite musical work that you have personally performed?

KaleyAnna: Svendsen’s Romance. This piece has a beautiful, soaring melody, bringing to mind the vast, breathtaking Norwegian landscapes in which the composer lived. For me, it draws up many wonderful memories of visiting my family in Norway. It holds a special place in my heart.

TBMA: What do you love most about teaching?

KaleyAnna: I love enabling others to experience the joy I get from music. It’s wonderful to help students develop their own musical skill to be proud of. Seeing a student’s happiness when they reach a goal or master a new technique is such a joy!

TBMA: How did you know you wanted to teach?

KaleyAnna: It started as simply a job opportunity. I was studying violin in college and teaching was a reasonable thing to do. The more I taught, the more I enjoyed it. It is so rewarding to be able to directly impact and help students reach their goals and enjoy life more in the process!

TBMA: What is your favorite teaching method?

KaleyAnna: I value a balanced teaching style, incorporating ear training as well as developing music-reading skills and a foundational knowledge of music theory. One of my priorities is ensuring that students develop healthy technique which can prevent physical pain and enable them to play with freedom and enjoyment. I use the Suzuki method and incorporate supplemental materials (such as I Can Read Music, All for Strings, and Wohlfahrt etudes) to build a well-rounded music experience.

TBMA: When do you recommend starting private music lessons?

KaleyAnna: It can be wonderful to get an early start! I think the ideal starting age varies for different students. Around age 6, children are building language skills, developing fine motor control, and improving their ability to maintain focus for a lesson. However, there is not an age limit to starting. Playing music can be a wonderful, rewarding experience through all stages of life.

TBMA: What brought you to TBMA?

KaleyAnna: I had heard great things from TBMA faculty members who enjoyed teaching here. My friend Valeria told me about her teaching experience and I was impressed by the professionalism and organization, as well as the friendly and caring atmosphere created by the faculty.

TBMA: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

KaleyAnna: In addition to violin, I also have a passion for singing! I’ve had some wonderful experiences singing with the USF Chamber Singers and the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay. I have loads of fun singing in a women’s barbershop quartet named Duly Noted. With this group, I get to travel for performances, vocal workshops, and competitions. I love getting together with friends to sing tags and ring some chords! Aside from music, I love travelling, kayaking, hiking, and getting outdoors! I also love boba tea and reading a good book with my cat.

We’re thrilled to have KaleyAnna join our faculty, and we can’t wait for our students to get to know her better.

Welcome to TBMA, KaleyAnna!

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