Dear TBMA Family,

I hope this email finds you safe and healthy at the end of our Spring Break week.  I’m writing to confirm our plan to reopen Tampa Bay Music Academy on Monday, March 23rd, and resume our usual schedule for all private music lessons as previously planned.  The current public health restriction for organizations to not have any gatherings larger than 10 people due to the Coronavirus does not apply to our school since all of our private lessons are one on one.

Please know that we are monitoring the situation very carefully, and that the safety and health of our students, faculty, and staff is of utmost priority to us at Tampa Bay Music Academy.  As stated in our previous communication, we will continue to follow our increased hygiene and cleanliness procedures stated here.  

Additionally, we will be encouraging you to wait in your vehicles between or during lessons rather than in our lobby, to reduce the amount of people that are in the building at any given time.

Please communicate directly with your teacher if you have any concerns about coming in to our facility for your private lesson next week.  Our staff is prepared to discuss other arrangements for your lesson time if necessary (i.e. online digital lessons).

Having said that, please do your very best to resist the urge to discontinue lessons during this uncertain time.  To keep tuition costs low for you, and to take good care of our staff, TBMA operates on a very thin budget all the time.  Additionally, your personal teacher, who I know you love and value, depends completely on your tuition for his/her income.  As you can imagine, a sudden loss of income on top of everything else going on right now would be especially difficult at this time.  Together, we can lock arms, weather the storm, and even thrive during these uncertain days.

We know that many are probably worried and fearful, but we hope that we can continue to be a stabilizing voice for our students and their families.  There really is nothing quite like music to bring peace and calmness during difficult times.  And, after a week of having virtually nothing for kids to do in the Tampa Bay area, I’m sure a lot of you parents are already singing that famous line from the Christmas song:  “And, Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again!” 🎵 😂

Thank you so much for your continual support of music education at TBMA.  Hopefully all of this will pass very soon and we will be able to resume our normal routine of life.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you this coming week!

All the best,
John Tracy, Executive Director
Tampa Bay Music Academy, LLC