Tampa Bay Music Academy is excited to welcome Nancy Medina as the newest member of our string faculty! Nancy has been teaching violin, viola, and music theory to students of all ages for over twenty years. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, she speaks both English and Spanish and enjoys providing a multicultural perspective in a variety of learning environments for her students.

Nancy earned her bachelor of arts specializing in violin from the Central University of Colombia in Bogotá in 2002, and her Graduate Certificate in Violin Performance from the University of South Florida in 2005. She has experience teaching in both group environments and private lessons, and has organized a variety of musical events in a school setting.

While in Colombia, Nancy participated in Batuta, a national cultural development program in which she helped to provide classical music instruction in hard-to-reach places and indigenous communities. As a teenager, she participated in the Children’s Symphony Orchestra and traveled on missions where she taught Colombian folklore. Nancy brings this experience to the studio by educating her students in different genres including folkloric compositions. She believes that this musical diversity helps her students develop an ear for various types of music and teaches them discipline and consistency.

To help our students and their families get to know Nancy, we asked her a few questions about her musical goals and experiences:

TBMA: What is your favorite musical memory?

Nancy: I have so many good memories since I started playing the violin, and I enjoy every one – playing in different orchestras, bands with different styles, doing recitals, and playing as a soloist or in a quartet. One of my favorites was when I got to play with an orchestra as a soloist in the Vivaldi violin concerto in A minor. I was 12 years old and it was awesome to play a concert with a full orchestra.

TBMA: What do you love about teaching?

Nancy: I like so many things! Teaching is my passion. I like to see my students smile and fall in love with the instrument. Every single one is different and they learn differently.

TBMA: How did you know you wanted to teach?

Nancy: My parents were both teachers. My mom was a biology teacher and she also loved to teach adults in my country that don’t know how to read or write. My dad was a chemistry teacher, so I grew up with teachers and at my school I was always helping the preschool teachers. At the age of 15 years I started playing in the Colombia Youth Symphony and they asked me to be a teacher. I loved it from the beginning. With experience your style changes, and it is also good to see different styles of teaching and then choose your own.

TBMA: What is your favorite teaching method?

Nancy: I started out with Suzuki but first I learned to read music. I just love the songs and listening and singing the music at home, and I use it to teach my students too. I combine Suzuki with Essential Elements, and those two are the main ones I teach from. I also use Adventures of Violin Land, and I like my students to try some songs with soundtracks and play some seasonal songs or pieces from movies. I also use Foundation Studies for the Violin from Carl Fischer.

TBMA: When do you recommend starting private music lessons?

Nancy: It could be at any time. Some kids can start at the age of three, while others will need to wait until they are five or six. In the mean time, I recommend to dance, sing and clap with babies and young children since it will help so much to get the sense of the beat and grow their musicality. For adults, I believe it is never too late. Learning music has so many benefits for your self-confidence and cognitive and gross motor skills.

TBMA: What do you enjoy doing outside the music studio?

Nancy: I like being outdoors, and I enjoy long walks and biking. I grew up in the mountains and almost all weekends we were hiking or camping. Now that I have two kids, I want my kids to get to enjoy that.

TBMA: What brought you to TBMA?

Nancy: I think TBMA is a different type of academy. It feels that they really care for staff and students.

We’re excited to welcome Nancy to our team as we seek to provide the best in quality music instruction to each of our students.

Welcome to TBMA, Nancy!


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